• I use mostly Apple products. My main computer is a 13.3” MacBook Pro connected to a 24” Dell Monitor
  • I also own an old MacBook Air for personal use
  • For mobile, I have and iPhone 7 and iPad Mini
  • I use Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard and Anker Vertical mouse.
  • I have a bamboo Uplift Desk that allows me to sit and stand while working
  • I have an Amazon Echo that I use to listen to WNYC radio, Podcasts and stream music.
  • I have an old Hermon Miller chair that I use when I’m tired from standing


  • I use Sublime Text for coding.
  • iTerm for running terminal commands.
  • Google Chrome is my main browser for web development.
  • Slack is open at all times and is used to communicate with my coworkers.
  • Dash is used for for quickly looking up web documentation.
  • I use oh-my-zsh for my command line.
  • My dotfiles include many of the configurations I use for my development software.

Practice and Routine

  • I go running three days a week. This is how get motivated and find clarity.
  • Early mornings I use for learning. Right now, I’m learning ES6 and ReactJS.
  • I get my Industry new mostly from these sources. For other news, I pay attention to NYT and public radio. My local station is WNYC.
  • I try to practice deep reading each day for at least 15-20 minutes.
  • My philosophy for day to day learning is to write it down and share it. Even if it is something small. I use The Feynman Technique.


  • Coming soon.

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