I just came back to Sublime Text as my primary text editor after trying out vanilla Vim for about 2 weeks. I was certain that Vim was a worthy investment of my time to learn. However, I eventually realized Vim’s learning curve is steep and I was not feeling productive using it. After all, I had invested more than 5 years learning Sublime Text and felt very comfortable navigating it’s interface. Why switch to a new tool when the one you have already works so well?

This has become a habit for me - I get bored of my text editor and feel the urge to try something new. However, I always found myself back to Sublime Text. What takes me away is some sort of shiny feature in another text editor that makes me think I’ll be more productive using it. This way of thinking just keeps you from doing the real work at hand. It is actually counter-productive. Some examples of features that have grabbed my attention include:

  • The key bindings in Vim. In skilled hands, this is what gives Vim it’s power but there is a steep learning curve. It’s also nice that you can run it in the terminal, cause you probably have it open anyway.
  • The user interface in Atom. The UI for linting and Git especially is really slick.
  • The IntelliSense in VS Code. VS Code includes a lot of great features from an IDE without the bulkiness.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Sublime Text give me all the things I need in a text editor right now and for the foreseeable future. While Vim has the potential to be very powerful, I don’t see any added benefit using it as my primary editor (as someone who is a front-end developer). However, I do plan to continue learning more about Vim.

My feelings on Atom and VSCode come down to the fact that the basic idea for these editors came from Sublime Text. The only thing that I think these editors have over Sublime Text is that they are both open source. That said, if Sublime Text was abandoned, I’d likely move to using Atom instead (if my Vim skills are still not up to par 😀 ). Until that day or I find something else that makes me more productive, I’ll stick with Sublime Text.